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Calendar Project: February

My original plan for February had something to do with snow and love, but an image popped into my head one day and I knew I had to make it happen. February started with sadness and I wanted to do something in Ollie’s memory. I posted one picture on my personal facebook page last night and it seems that people understood what I was trying to say. That was just one ribbon — in total there were five. This is what it looked like…

Calendar - Feb for Ollie ©Ashley Loseth Photography

I actually pictured all blue ribbons, but then decided to put some pink in there too.
This is for Oliver, Troy and all other little ones who have left us too soon.

Update: I’m Still Alive

Hey readers! Sorry it’s been so long — I haven’t felt like doing much lately and kept putting off my return to blogging. I think I’ve mentioned before that I go through phases where I don’t want to touch my camera, edit, or even turn on the computer. I guess you could say I’m slowly coming out of a funk like that. Last weekend I did some outdoor photos for my brother and his girlfriend — the first time I’ve ever done outdoor portraits in winter! I admit, I had to force myself to do it and even now I have to force myself to edit. As bad as that may seem, I think it’s a good sign. Just the fact that I have been able to force myself means I will be ok. The truth is that I see myself as a no-talent fake most of the time. I’ve had to remind myself that some (like you awesome people following this blog) disagree with me. For that I want to thank you. I can keep trying (and improving… hopefully), because of reminders like that. And even though my progress is slow and I’m always up and down, I can honestly say I will not give up. Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu. I won’t be back until 2014, but I wanted to say Happy Holidays and show you what I’ve been working on this week ^-^

Carly and Jason Snow1 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Carly and Jason Snow2 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Carly and Jason Snow3 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

In other news, Redbubble.com now has Samsung Galaxy cases (snap and tough cases for S3 and S4). I personally like the look of them better than the Apple cases — they compliment my photos well! You can check them out here: http://ashleyloseth.redbubble.com. My sister ordered the Moraine Lake tough case for S3 and I can’t wait to see it in person ^-^

Again, Happy Holidays!
See you in 2014!

Forgetful Friday

I almost forgot it was Friday again! I’ve been living a chaotic life without my planner the past few days. It’s amazing how fast I lose track of which day it is. But that’s what happens when nothing changes day in and day out. So anyway I’m in a bit of a rush writing this today and I’m not on my own computer, so I’m afraid I’ll have to re-post an oldie today. This is what winter looked like a year ago…

Prairie Road6  ©Ashley Løseth Photography

It’s more common to have mountains of snow (like right now), but I like it better this way! Click here to see the rest of the photos from this creepy adventure with the lovely Sarah White!

Happy Friday!

Winter After Dark

I did it!! I forced myself out to take frosty pictures!! But what’s even more amazing is the fact that I liked a few of them enough to leave them completely unedited. I shot mainly in manual, which was an interesting experience for me since I’ve never tried it after dark before. Honestly, I’m surprised any of them were in focus! Anyway… this first one is my favourite. I’m not crazy about the other two, but I like them more than my usual snapshots.

Frosted Tips by Ashley Løseth

Untitled by Ashley Løseth

Ghost Town – Last Post of the Year!

Sorry this post is a day late! For some reason I thought yesterday was Thursday and when I remembered that it was actually Friday, it was already very late (this is what happens when I don’t open my day planner for a couple of days). Anyway, on with the post… the other day I went on a photo excursion with my dog and I wound up with more decent shots than I thought. It was light out when I left the house and dark by the time I got home, so things got creepier as I walked along. Near the end of my adventure, I cut through the park in my neighbourhood and spent far too much time darting around, shooting things that had changed drastically since I was a child. A part of me actually wanted to get the heck out of there, simply because I am a scaredy cat and I was losing feeling in my fingers, but I wanted to push myself more. And while I don’t think I got amazing photos out of it (like I said, they are just decent), I’m glad I did it!

It started out like this. Thank you, person who didn’t get rid of your pumpkin after Halloween and let it rot on the other side of the fence. “Out of sight, out of mind,” right?

This made me giggle a little. I like that the sky looks blue, but it was actually overcast.

I like alleys for some reason.

I think this was the first shot I took at the park…

Some might think that a ghost was posing for me. When I think that, I get the heebie-jeebies.

I can’t get over how creepy the spray park is in the winter. (I don’t actually like this shot, but its creepiness intrigues me)

This thing without a face is even scarier than before (and trust me it was terrifying.. That is, if you don’t care for clowns that projectile vomit on you… and what is with sunflowers having clown faces anyway?)

Hana had “ice on her moustache and ice on her beard” so I had to take a picture. She wouldn’t cooperate though.

Lastly, I went over to the little picnic area and this was the only shot I sort-of liked.


And by the way… HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2012!