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Fake Baked Rotini

When I was in high school our cafeteria had daily specials, which were usually not-so-special, except the baked rotini. Now that was delicious and really easy to figure out myself. It’s been a few years and my version has evolved to suit me even better — meaning it is much quicker to make and slightly healthier. I have dubbed it “Fake-Baked Rotini”, as it is actually broiled. Perfect for lazy cooks like myself! I apologize for my lack of measurements, but really this is so easy that measurements are unnecessary.


Catelli Healthy Harvest Rotini (or rotini of your choice)
Your favourite pasta sauce
Parmesan cheese powder
Kraft 4 Cheese Italiano shredded cheese (or plain old mozzarella)


1.To find how much you will need, line the bottom of your casserole dish with two layers of dry rotini.

2. Fill a pot with water (amount depends on how much pasta you are making) and bring to a boil. Pour rotini in and cook to desired tenderness (Healthy Harvest rotini takes 13 minutes). Drain and put back into pot.

3. Pour pasta sauce and parmesan cheese powder over cooked rotini, stir until evenly coated.

4. Scoop into casserole dish and top with more sauce.

5. Cover with desired amount of cheese.

6. Place in centre of oven and broil at 400°F (205°C) until cheese is slightly browned. (Watch closely, it’s easy to burn… as you can see below…)

7. Serve and enjoy!

If you are cooking this for just yourself and possibly one other, personal sized bakeware (like CorningWare French White pop-ins) are a great idea. Just make sure to use a baking sheet underneath while broiling!
If you use a glass pot to cook your pasta, you can use it to broil it as well. As long as it is oven friendly, there’s no need to dirty another dish 🙂