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Last week I mentioned my “Dance Dance to the 40’s” shoot and that I should share it one of these days. Well, today seems like a good enough day to me, so here it is!
{the dance dance thing came from a bizarre idea to time travel via dance dance revolution…. in case you wondered… }

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

These were taken with my dad’s old Olympus point-and-shoot camera in the summer of 2007.
Model:   Melanie Schultz

Happy Holidays and Another Happy Birthday {or Two}

Happy new year(almost)! How are the holidays going for everyone? It has been very busy around here, with my sister’s family (giant dog included) home for Christmas and everyone crammed into our livingroom. Just when things start to slow down, my brother has his birthday… which means everyone will soon be crammed into the house again to enjoy some b-day cake. And  since that birthday is today and he is approx. 1 000 000 years old, I thought I’d share a picture of him circa December 2009.

Cory ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyPerhaps you’ve seen it on the portraits page

Happy Birthday Cory!

{Happy Birthday to my cousin, Carmen as well!}

Photo Thursday?

I’ve decided to post today, instead of tomorrow as I know I will have pretty much no time to squeeze it in. This week has been a pretty busy one (busier than usual anyway) with a photo shoot on Sunday and trying to balance babysitting and editing. Normally this would be easy, but Odin hasn’t been sleeping well and [trust me] that puts a huge wrench in things. That and I get stressed very easily… So anyway this is a little taste of what I’ve been working on..

You can see more of my brother, Jason “Iggy” Løseth and his girlfriend, Carly Jorgensen on my facebook page.

New Look

Well you may have noticed that Art and Then Some has had a new look for a couple of days now… I was getting bored with the old theme and wanted something bigger with more custom options. I’ve also been admiring other blogs with a crisp, black and white theme going on and decided it is the best way to showcase art. Then comes the header.. the one thing I didn’t like about this theme was the way it looked with a photo as the header, which got me thinking. Suddenly an idea came to me… a line drawing! I have never done a line drawing before and it turned out to be significantly harder than I thought it would be. To come up with multiple images in one line and keep it straight… I tried quite a few times and annoyed Shea in the process until we agreed this was the best and made the most sense for me. It starts with a camera, obviously representing photography; followed by a flower, for landscapes/nature; the profile of a person (I just couldn’t figure out how to do a face without lifting the pencil) for portraits; and lastly, a paint brush to signify art. The line then dissipates as a way of representing the “and then some” in the title.

I’d be lying if I said it turned out how I imagined, but I’m also my worst critic. Though I wasn’t going for perfect either, so I think it worked out well enough.

What do you think of the new look??

Outdoor Portraits

I’m so glad spring is coming so I can get out and take outdoor pictures more often! We had a mild winter here in Saskatoon and I ventured out more often than most winters, but there’s something about the spring-summer sun that makes an outdoor photo great. Although it can be very frustrating (shadows and such), it’s actually the one thing I really love about summer. Outdoor portraits always seem more fun to me, even if the reality is that it was so hot it was tough to get a smile or two (this rarely ever happens). Here are just a few of my favourite outdoor shots…

If you live in or around Saskatoon and are interested in having outdoor portraits done, you can email me at loseth.photo@hotmail.com (with the subject “portraits” or something to do with photography) or contact me through Facebook  🙂

My Little Sister

My sister is only one year, six months and two days younger than me, but she’s my only younger sibling so she will always be referred to as “my little sister” despite the fact that she is not so little anymore. The two of us were raised more like twins — we shared a room most of our lives and received matching everything from everyone — but I’ve always felt very protective of her. Shea is the sister I am most fond of (sorry to my other three sisters…) and the most like me when it comes down to our interests and insecurities. For as long as I can remember I have been trying to get Shea to model for me, but she always refused (not counting her grad pictures and such). That is, until recently when she tried to prove that her necklace doesn’t fit over her head when tied and wound up inspiring this shoot. She’s a hard one to convince, but I managed it and this was the outcome…

This last shot is my favourite! She thinks the look in her eyes is creepy, but I completely disagree. In fact her eyes are what make this one so great. Also the necklace was like this when she sparked the idea. ^-^

There are many more of these to come, so keep your eyes peeled! More of my favourites will be in the next batch. But until then you can see a little more of her over on the portraits page. Also there most likely won’t be a post next Friday, as I will be out of town. See you in a couple of weeks!