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Last week I mentioned my “Dance Dance to the 40’s” shoot and that I should share it one of these days. Well, today seems like a good enough day to me, so here it is!
{the dance dance thing came from a bizarre idea to time travel via dance dance revolution…. in case you wondered… }

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

©Ashley Loseth Photography

These were taken with my dad’s old Olympus point-and-shoot camera in the summer of 2007.
Model:   Melanie Schultz


It is time for a serious flashback. Remember when I talked about the cameras I had to use in school?
(Click here to read that post) Well today’s post features a couple of pictures taken with one of them. Last night I was thinking of what I should show you today and for some reason these pictures — which I haven’t thought about in a very long time — immediately came to mind. This is an example of making the most of something that didn’t turn out how I pictured and, at the time, still liking the result. These photos now represent change and growth to me. There are still things I like about them, but there’s a lot more that I should have done differently. I suppose it all comes down to trial and error — learning more from my own ideas and mistakes, than any trick I could learn from a teacher (and I’ll be honest, my first photography teacher was only half-decent in my opinion). So here they are, two photos from my first ever shoot with Melanie Schultz and Kassandra Colton.

The quality is extra bad, because the files were crunched in an email all those years ago and now they are the only copies I have 😦

Ok, So I Like Reminiscing…

You may have noticed that I am often struck by nostalgia and that there is usually a photo or two to go with… Well today I thought of something from quite a few years ago. Before Facebook completely took over souls, I used to frequent Myspace and find a lot of bands I would have never heard of otherwise. I still remember getting the friend request from The Guest Room, hearing their music for the first time and enthusiastically thanking them for finding me. Eventually the song “Sing to Me” came about and one of the members asked for people to send in photos for a video he was going to put together (saying “sing to me” and a person or people you have lost). Naturally, I wanted to participate (perhaps this was because loss seemed to be a growing theme in my life). I told Melanie and she liked the idea as well, so we teamed up and this was the result…

Time went by and I wondered if the video was finished, but I was unaware that one of The Guest Room’s Ryans (and the same band member asking for photos) had left the band and started up Sam the Boy, taking his song with him. That is, until I got a message from him with a link to the video. As usual, I wish we had done a few things differently with the photos (like taking them horizontally, for example) but overall I am happy with them.

And finally, here is the video…



One of the best things about portraits is actually the outtakes. There will be many if the shoot goes well, because anything can happen when you’re having fun. If the models are friends, there will be even more. This zoo shot is one of my all-time favourite weird outtakes…

Clearly one of the best photos I have ever taken 😛

More Nostalgia

I recently came across an old photo I took during the first week of grade 12 and I still love it. The camera I took it with was probably the worst I’ve ever used (for students taking photography), but every now and then I would get a shot that made the quality of the image seem better than it really was. It might actually be smart to teach kids photography by making them use cameras that lack all the fancy settings (this one mainly lacked megapixels). That way, they can learn what really matters. But don’t get me wrong, the fancy stuff is fun too.

You may recognize Melanie from more recent photos I’ve posted.. well this is a 17 year old version of her. Yes, she is slightly taller now 😛

You can see those more recent photos on the portraits and series pages, so check them out!


Bath Tub!!

Today I figured I should post some never-before-seen photos from last year’s bath tub shoot!

Melanie Schultz!

This might be the only shot from that day where Mel didn’t have a huge smile (or was making a funny face). I guess I found that intriguing.

Veronica Ross!

The close-ups of Vern are my absolute favourites. Again, thanks for getting into it!

Sarah White!

I chose this one of Sarah because of the intense look in her eyes. Don’t they look huge?? Maybe you’d have to see its regular size to be as amazed as I am. By the way, yesterday was Sarah’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!

To see more from this shoot, check out the Series Page


Falling Behind

When I get busy, I fall behind; when I fall behind, I get stressed; and when I get stressed, I get lazy. I have a lot of pictures to go through and so many more to take and though I’ve been in a rut these past few weeks, I feel like climbing back on that wagon! So to please my eager models, I’ve taken the time to edit my favourite shots from my latest shoot (which is also the beginning of a new series that has been sitting in my head for over a year now)

Thanks for getting so into it, Veronica!!

Sarah White 🙂

Melanie Schultz!

I would just like to say that I am in no way trying to copy photographer Tyler Shields, I know he has done a bath tub shoot before (much better than me as well) but I wanted to do this long before I heard he had done it. I promise this series will be getting a lot more intense in the (hopefully) near future!