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For the Little Ones

Calendar - Feb for Ollie ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyHello everyone! For the month of February I have been trying to raise money for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Saskatoon Royal University Hospital through sales of my February calendar photo. If you recall, I took the photo during my calendar project in 2014 after my nephew’s passing. Oliver was born premature and had spent his short life in the hospital — I will make the donation in his name. My nephew, August, was born premature last year and was also taken care of in the NICU. Today he is a healthy baby, living at home with his Mom, Dad, and big brother Odin.

So this is how redbubble works; each product they sell has a set manufacturing fee, and the artist can set their margin — the default is 20% (as is my own). Every cent I make from sales of “February (for the little ones)” will go to the NICU in the beginning of March. The photo is available on many different products, all of which are very well made. If you are interested in helping, as well as owning a unique product, please check it out in my redbubble shop at !

As always, your support is greatly appreciated! ^-^

Calendar Project

All month I have been toying with the idea of doing a calendar project inspired by my favourite variety show (Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!), in which they take a photo every month for a calendar they sell at the end of the year. I won’t be going on adventures all over the world like they do, but I like the basic idea. Of course I couldn’t make up my mind until today, so I have basically missed out on January… :/ but I’ll still head out in the dark and try to top my favourite winter shot (Frosted Tips). Now off I go — hopefully this works out!

Frosted Tips ©Ashley Løseth

Update: I’m Still Alive

Hey readers! Sorry it’s been so long — I haven’t felt like doing much lately and kept putting off my return to blogging. I think I’ve mentioned before that I go through phases where I don’t want to touch my camera, edit, or even turn on the computer. I guess you could say I’m slowly coming out of a funk like that. Last weekend I did some outdoor photos for my brother and his girlfriend — the first time I’ve ever done outdoor portraits in winter! I admit, I had to force myself to do it and even now I have to force myself to edit. As bad as that may seem, I think it’s a good sign. Just the fact that I have been able to force myself means I will be ok. The truth is that I see myself as a no-talent fake most of the time. I’ve had to remind myself that some (like you awesome people following this blog) disagree with me. For that I want to thank you. I can keep trying (and improving… hopefully), because of reminders like that. And even though my progress is slow and I’m always up and down, I can honestly say I will not give up. Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu. I won’t be back until 2014, but I wanted to say Happy Holidays and show you what I’ve been working on this week ^-^

Carly and Jason Snow1 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Carly and Jason Snow2 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Carly and Jason Snow3 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

In other news, now has Samsung Galaxy cases (snap and tough cases for S3 and S4). I personally like the look of them better than the Apple cases — they compliment my photos well! You can check them out here: My sister ordered the Moraine Lake tough case for S3 and I can’t wait to see it in person ^-^

Again, Happy Holidays!
See you in 2014!

iPod, iPad and iPhone Cases Now Available!

Well I made a few iPhone/iPod touch and iPad cases using RedBubble’s templates. Some of them turned out well and others didn’t, so I took them down. There are a couple that I am not feeling 100%, but have left them for now. Check out all the available options/get your own by clicking the pictures below.