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For the Little Ones

Calendar - Feb for Ollie ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyHello everyone! For the month of February I have been trying to raise money for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Saskatoon Royal University Hospital through sales of my February calendar photo. If you recall, I took the photo during my calendar project in 2014 after my nephew’s passing. Oliver was born premature and had spent his short life in the hospital — I will make the donation in his name. My nephew, August, was born premature last year and was also taken care of in the NICU. Today he is a healthy baby, living at home with his Mom, Dad, and big brother Odin.

So this is how redbubble works; each product they sell has a set manufacturing fee, and the artist can set their margin — the default is 20% (as is my own). Every cent I make from sales of “February (for the little ones)” will go to the NICU in the beginning of March. The photo is available on many different products, all of which are very well made. If you are interested in helping, as well as owning a unique product, please check it out in my redbubble shop at !

As always, your support is greatly appreciated! ^-^

Nepal Earthquake Relief

As many of you know, disaster relief is kind of important to me, and you probably know about the earthquake in Nepal. I wanted to post about this, because every little bit helps. As usual, there are many ways you can donate — your national Red Cross (click here for Canadian), Global Giving, and you can even help by purchasing these stickers via the LINE app!

Thank you for helping!

Pictures Soon // Mighty Long Fall and then some

Ok so I’ve been busier than I would like to be lately, but I do have June and July photos waiting to be posted. I’m determined to make time tomorrow to finish them up. My poor July photos have been stuck in my camera for a while now… so I will definitely post again tomorrow!

Now I need to talk about ONE OK ROCK for a bit…
I think I love these guys even more now that I’ve seen them in person, I’ve known from the first moment I heard them that they have something special. And Taka has this way of making people understand regardless of their native language. The first song of theirs I heard was Et cetera (live), my favourite to this day. I choked back a slew of emotions — I knew this song fit me at that time in my life, even though I only understood a fraction of the lyrics. I felt what he felt, through his tone and expressions. The song ends with a painful whisper, “bye bye” — and it was simultaneously the cherry-on-top and the nail in my coffin.
Since then they’ve been releasing gem after gem, getting better all the time. Last year I shared their song, “Be the Light”, released on the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami… I still can’t listen to it without getting teary. That album also consisted of; “The Beginning” (the end theme for the hit film, Rurouni Kenshin), “Clock Strikes”, and “Deeper Deeper”. This week their new song, “Mighty Long Fall” (the end theme for the Rurouni Kenshin sequels) was released along with “Decision” and “Pieces of Me”. I have officially heard them all and my ears are nothing but pleased ^-^ I’m in love with the lyrics to “Mighty Long Fall”, so naturally I have decided to share it with all of you here. Enjoy ^-^d

They make it harder and harder for me to have a small list of favourites.. I mean, if they’re all faves, then at some point they cancel each other out, desshou?

As a bonus I will also share a video of Et cetera (I couldn’t gush about it that much and NOT share). This is not the first one I saw back in the day, but it is my favourite version now. I kind of wish this didn’t have subs, that way more of you would have a better chance of feeling the same way I do… but oh well.

Happy Birthday Canada

Hey everyone, happy Canada Day! I was out taking pictures last month, but have yet to choose just one — this is a good thing! I’ll probably post June and July together, as I did for April and May. So for today let’s remember Albi the baby robin, who was found in the road two years ago today and was successfully rehabilitated by my bird-whispering mother. Isn’t she sweet?


Today, another baby was found in the road. He or she is older than Albi was, and it has a couple of injuries. We’re hoping for the best, but they are much harder to rehabilitate at this age. Hopefully it will eat soon. And please watch out for birds on the streets, I have seen way too many getting hit by cars! They don’t always fly away in time or even in the right direction.

Freyja’s First Birthday

I haven’t seen Freyja in far too long and I miss her like crazy! She’s so cute, and looks more and more like my Grandma every time my sister shares a picture, which makes me smile. I took these photos the week we met, back in September. It was a crazy and kind of scary week, but this photo shoot helped boost morale quite a bit. It’s hard to believe she’s already one year old!!

Viking Freyja ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Viking Freyja2 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

She looks even more like Grandma when she smiles ^-^

Calendar Project: February

My original plan for February had something to do with snow and love, but an image popped into my head one day and I knew I had to make it happen. February started with sadness and I wanted to do something in Ollie’s memory. I posted one picture on my personal facebook page last night and it seems that people understood what I was trying to say. That was just one ribbon — in total there were five. This is what it looked like…

Calendar - Feb for Ollie ©Ashley Loseth Photography

I actually pictured all blue ribbons, but then decided to put some pink in there too.
This is for Oliver, Troy and all other little ones who have left us too soon.

Bad News / Good News

Ok so this was supposed to be a Friday post, but I had more than a few technical issues driving me insane so I saved it and gave up.. Pretend it’s Friday ok?

Sorry for my absence again. The past week and a half has been particularly awful as my nephew, Oliver, passed away at 4 and a half months. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post today either, but there are a couple of things I want to talk about.

The first is Kappi, the new name of my mom’s hand knit goods. She makes intricate viking hats — hand knit, sewn and fully lined — as well as cute little crochet hats with flowers and buttons. She plans on designing scarves for fussy kids in the near future.

You can check out Kappi at here are a couple of sad snapshots I took on my sister’s phone.


viking stages logo ©Ashley Loseth Photography

viking closeup logo ©Ashley Loseth Photography

The second bit of news is Olympic gold medalist and world record holder, Yuzuru Hanyu! I must say, the Olympics have been a wonderful distraction lately. Today was terrifying — I wouldn’t say I was disappointed in him, but I definitely worried. I have seen him skate much better. However, his gold was well deserved. He won because he had a huge lead after his short program as he broke the world record for the second time this season with a massive 101.45. He has made history in many ways this week; he is the first male to break 100 points in a short program, he broke his own record of 99.84, is the first Japanese male figure skater to win the Olympic gold medal and the second youngest gold medalist. I am so proud to be a Yuzuru fan ^-^d

Now that men’s is over, I have to find something new to distract myself with…
Have you been keeping up with the winter Olympics? What sports do you follow?

I Finally Met Freyja

Two weeks ago my sister had her baby very early. His name is Oliver “Ollie” Laine Lawrence and he was somewhere around 2lbs. (no pictures yet). It was a bit hush-hush for a little while and obviously pretty nerve-wracking. My other sister in Calgary came to visit right away, bringing Haakon and Freyja with her. I mentioned a couple of times that the past weeks have been crazy — can you believe this was only half of it? At least the kids kept me amused while everything else was… just what it was…

Freyja is quite the fussy baby, but she seemed to like me so that’s good! Near the end of the week , my sister mentioned viking photos to match Haakon’s. I wished I’d heard of it sooner, but still managed to pull together a last-minute photo shoot with the help of my crafty mother, Shea and my new studio lights (which I LOVE, by the way). To set these apart from Odin and Haakon’s, we made a yarn wig fit for a baby! I also ventured out to buy some faux fur for a cozy diaper cover, sewn by my mom 🙂 Here’s a little sneak-peek from the shoot…

Viking Freyja ©Ashley Loseth Photography

She loved the braids! I worried she would freak out, but she actually seemed cozy. Isn’t she cute?

Another No-Photo Friday ~BUT~ Good News?

As I suspected, the past week was not much better than the one before. Things at work really suck and everyone in the deli is missing our former supervisor like crazy! Serious Loris withdrawal here! Its great having Haakon and Freyja around, but there is so much going on and the tension is so high that I think it’s rubbing off on them. Yet another reason why everyone should keep their cool around children! if you want them to be calm, you have to start with calming yourself. Anyway… I did take photos. Lots of photos. And there shall be more before the weekend is through! But I won’t be posting any tonight. Sorry to keep everyone waiting! I just need a little time to rest and prepare for a little photo shoot I’ve got in the works 😉

Hint: Baby. Fur. Braids. Oh my.

P.S.- I finally bought a proper light kit. I’m excited. I haven’t used one since high school!

Collaborating with Kids

The other day I had to bribe Odin to let me take his picture. I said something like, “if you let me take a picture of you and your awesome t-shirt, Auntie* will let you take pictures too.” His reaction: “Uh huh! I did!!” …In other words; DEAL!! Aurora joined in and they each chose a subject — Abu and a dolphin air freshener…

Collab with Odin ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyBy Odin

Collab with Aurora ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyBy Aurora

All I did was help hold the camera and instruct them on what to do. The rest is all them. I didn’t do any editing either, I’m too impressed to mess with them! Pretty good for toddlers, don’t you think? 🙂

*Yes, I tend to refer to myself in the third person when talking to Odin. It’s how we roll.