Calendar Project: April and May

It took me until today to pick my April photo, and it was one I almost overlooked. I have mentioned once (or twice) that I like to point my camera at the sun and see what I get. Well that’s what I did, and this is what I got…

Calendar Project: April ©Ashley Loseth Photography

I actually got a few robin photos that day, but they didn’t really turn out so I will be trying again and again this summer! That’s why it took me so long to decide. I couldn’t commit to one of them, but had a hard time letting them go.

As for May… well, Shea and I went to Toronto to see ONE OK ROCK (ugh, so good!) and went for a short photo walk the next day. Oddly enough, the photos that kept popping out at me are not obvious Toronto shots — but that’s ok with me. It rained off and on throughout our trip, so I was blessed to find these raindrop covered shrubs outside the Allan Gardens Conservatory.

Calendar Project: May ©Ashley Loseth Photography


  1. Hai - Notes of Nomads

    The Rebel XT is a great camera with more than enough megapixels for the sensor size. PLUS, it’s the person behind the lens that creates the wonderful images and in that department, you’re being a great job.

    • Ashley Løseth

      Yeah I like it a lot and I’m all for Canon cameras, I just wish it I had the option to shoot RAW sometimes (I’ve got my eye on a couple of great lenses too).
      But I agree 100% — and thanks again ^-^d

      • Hai - Notes of Nomads

        By ‘being’, I meant ‘doing’ but I guess you knew what I was trying to say. Proof reading is not my forte.

        As far as I’m aware, all Canon EOS camers can capture RAW but is only an option in P, AV, TV and M modes. A great budget and versatile lens that I’ve owned in the past was a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 non stabilised version. Also Canons nifty fifty is a complete ball to use and can be had for peanuts second hand.

      • Ashley Løseth

        Funny, I didn’t even notice the typo!

        That is the case these days, but RAW isn’t an option on mine — I’ve checked over and over just in case I missed something. The new version is much better and can capture RAW, as well as video. Anyway, thanks for the info, I’ll have to look into those lenses (and check my camera menu again, for good measure).

      • Ashley Løseth

        Ok I feel so dumb now, all the times I checked my menu for it was back in ’08 and it was obviously on the wrong setting without my noticing! So yeah, it does shoot RAW and I somehow managed to miss it over and over. But in my defense, my dad couldn’t figure it out and he’s actually camera savvy… Anyway thanks for bringing it up, because I probably would have gone on missing it for a few more years!

  2. haihhuynh

    Not dumb at all. I think it’s a silly limitation that many, including myself, had trouble figuring out. Have fun with all that new found data!

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