It Snowed

Yesterday it snowed for probably the third time this month and this time it stayed! Winter’s leftovers were almost completely gone, and the universe must have thought we needed more. I don’t have any photos to show you what it looks like out there, but I wanted to talk about it for some reason. I’m hoping things will start to look up soon, so I can get an April photo or two that is not winter themed. I’ve started a new job this week and am hoping to find inspiration somewhere in my new ventures, but it is a bit hard when Spring refuses to show it’s face. You may have noticed that I am fond of nature photography (a fondness that has developed in recent years) and am hoping to capture some hope in Spring (at least for us central Canadians) — I’ll be checking the forecast often!

In other news: I’ve been dealing with kappi business for some time now, we have a website and blog that I take care of. I’ll be taking new photos and updating the site tomorrow. If you are interested in a knit or crochet hat, check us out at or visit the kappi facebook page 🙂

I probably won’t be back with another post for a little while, so I’ll take this opportunity to say, HAPPY EASTER!

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