I Finally Met Freyja

Two weeks ago my sister had her baby very early. His name is Oliver “Ollie” Laine Lawrence and he was somewhere around 2lbs. (no pictures yet). It was a bit hush-hush for a little while and obviously pretty nerve-wracking. My other sister in Calgary came to visit right away, bringing Haakon and Freyja with her. I mentioned a couple of times that the past weeks have been crazy — can you believe this was only half of it? At least the kids kept me amused while everything else was… just what it was…

Freyja is quite the fussy baby, but she seemed to like me so that’s good! Near the end of the week , my sister mentioned viking photos to match Haakon’s. I wished I’d heard of it sooner, but still managed to pull together a last-minute photo shoot with the help of my crafty mother, Shea and my new studio lights (which I LOVE, by the way). To set these apart from Odin and Haakon’s, we made a yarn wig fit for a baby! I also ventured out to buy some faux fur for a cozy diaper cover, sewn by my mom 🙂 Here’s a little sneak-peek from the shoot…

Viking Freyja ©Ashley Loseth Photography

She loved the braids! I worried she would freak out, but she actually seemed cozy. Isn’t she cute?

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