Another No-Photo Friday ~BUT~ Good News?

As I suspected, the past week was not much better than the one before. Things at work really suck and everyone in the deli is missing our former supervisor like crazy! Serious Loris withdrawal here! Its great having Haakon and Freyja around, but there is so much going on and the tension is so high that I think it’s rubbing off on them. Yet another reason why everyone should keep their cool around children! if you want them to be calm, you have to start with calming yourself. Anyway… I did take photos. Lots of photos. And there shall be more before the weekend is through! But I won’t be posting any tonight. Sorry to keep everyone waiting! I just need a little time to rest and prepare for a little photo shoot I’ve got in the works 😉

Hint: Baby. Fur. Braids. Oh my.

P.S.- I finally bought a proper light kit. I’m excited. I haven’t used one since high school!

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