Collaborating with Kids

The other day I had to bribe Odin to let me take his picture. I said something like, “if you let me take a picture of you and your awesome t-shirt, Auntie* will let you take pictures too.” His reaction: “Uh huh! I did!!” …In other words; DEAL!! Aurora joined in and they each chose a subject — Abu and a dolphin air freshener…

Collab with Odin ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyBy Odin

Collab with Aurora ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyBy Aurora

All I did was help hold the camera and instruct them on what to do. The rest is all them. I didn’t do any editing either, I’m too impressed to mess with them! Pretty good for toddlers, don’t you think? 🙂

*Yes, I tend to refer to myself in the third person when talking to Odin. It’s how we roll.

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