World Suicide Prevention Day -09-10-13-

World Suicide Prevention Day has arrived, but my WSPD pack has not. It’s okay though, at least I can feel good about donating to the cause! Some may recall that I shared my own story last year as well as my mother’s. The response was amazing and I am beyond grateful for that! I know first hand how hard it is to take the first step in talking about it, but it is well worth it. As I wrote, I worried that I wouldn’t be taken seriously, or that my words would come across as whiny and even self absorbed. I felt a hint of regret as soon as I published it, but was not about to back out. It wasn’t long before I received feedback and none of it was bad. I even received messages assuring me that my story helped people the same way others helped me. I knew then that I had done the right thing.

I’m not going to lie, my year has not been great (I even had to take a break from blogging) and my journey is far from over. But as for suicide? I don’t consider it an option — ever. Trust me, that is a huge leap forward. I want others to see it this way as well. There is no upside to ending a life. You cannot be replaced and you are loved. Believe that.

To those who have also shared your experiences, I just want you to know you are brave. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you come across someone who thinks you must be fine (or even lying) because you can talk about it, then they are at a loss. Don’t be discouraged, keep sharing. You are helping.

And to those who seek help, but aren’t sure where to look, I highly recommend To Write Love on Her Arms and Love is Louder. Becoming a part of the movement has helped me immensely — hopefully you will be able to say the same someday.

I had planned on wearing my new tee today, but since it didn’t arrive, I will be wearing this unisex tank in ‘Heather Neon Orange’….


Also available in indigo (above) and black. You can get one just like it here:


  1. Jessica @ Notes of Nomads

    Ashley, even though things aren’t always easy, we are so glad that things are slowly getting better for you. You are an amazing individual. We have never met but we can feel your warmth through your comments and we are so thankful for your virtual friendship.
    Hope that we get the chance to meet in person some day soon.
    Love and light x

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