Hana and Akira

Yesterday I decided to take some animal pictures, but the only two that stuck around were Hana and Akira. The other cats were too annoyed, I guess. Anyway I took some floor shots and I thought some of them were pretty decent. I still can’t save files from photoshop, so I used picmonkey again. I end up doing the opposite of what I normally do when I edit this way. There are a few effects that I tend to use a lot (cross process, dusk and tranquility.. I think), which you will see small hints of today.

Hana Bum1 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Akira Shock1 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Hana Bum2 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Akira Shock2 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Hana Bum3 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Akira Shock3 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

I’m still testing out different picmonkey fonts.. This is not the winner…

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