This Happened

Earlier this week, Albi’s babies were hanging out in the back yard, flying from tree to tree, chair to chair, having baths, etc. They were playing in the air — bouncing off of each other — it was awesome. There were three of them and when they were finished colliding for sport, they flew in opposite directions. The runt landed dizzily outside the kitchen window. If we were living in a tv show, this is when they would play sentimental music and show a flashback of Albi in the same spot, staring at us in the same way.  I ran for my camera and made it back in time!

Albi's Baby1  July 2013 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Albi's Baby2  July 2013 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Albi's Baby3  July 2013 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

The pictures are horrible, but I still wanted to show everyone. I had worked on them in Photoshop, but it wouldn’t let me save anything. A message kept coming up saying the files were locked, which they aren’t. So after trying multiple things, I went to PicMonkey. As you can see, that worked just fine.

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