“and then some” Friday

Well I hoped this week would be less intense than the last, but I guess my hopes were too high. I wanted to take new photos for you, but didn’t even touch my camera. I picked up my dad’s camera to take a picture (or video) of a blue jay in our bird bath, but it died, so I can’t even show you that! I guess this will be more of an “and then some” kind of Friday, as I can’t seem to think of a suitable repost either (sorry, I’m the worst blogger ever!)

I’ve just finished reading an old friend’s poetry which has left me nostalgically heavy hearted. There’s something about good poetry, or any art, that makes me feel completely inadequate and grateful for their existence simultaneously. Whether it’s Michael Ondaatje, Sylvia Plath, a friend who is infinitely better than I could hope to be, etc… it’s all the same. It makes me want to write again, but also want to throw away my pens and notebooks. It seems strange, but this feeling and I have become quite close. Would it be bizarre of me to say I’m ok with that? Probably…

In other news; I am now listening to Mew. Another source of beautiful nostalgia for me. So I will stop rambling nonsensically and leave you with “The Zoo Keeper’s Boy” and I think I’ll go pick up my pen (I’ll refrain from tossing it for now)…

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