This has been a bit of a crazy week, so I don’t have anything new today. Shea discovered a contest to win a trip to Japan for a few days to see Linkin Park at Summer Sonic — but we don’t have passports! Lucky for us, my mom had a few applications lying around for some reason, so we got them filled out as fast as we could and have officially applied. Some think it’s silly to get passports on the off-chance that we win, but those people don’t think clearly — if we didn’t bother trying we would probably regret it, desshou? Anyone who wants to travel as badly as we do should have them! It doesn’t really matter whether we get to Japan for these few days next month or further in the future. It feels so good to finally have this first step underway, despite the ups and downs throughout the week and my horrible passport and ID photos. There is a weight off my shoulders and now I can sit back and wait. Well, aside from all the sharing links for entries and whatnot (facebook friends, I’m sorry if you’re annoyed by all the shares, but I’m afraid I won’t be stopping any time soon — p.s. please click them!), which brings me to what this contest is really all about…

Urgency Network and Linkin Park have teamed up to power the world with our donations. What do I mean by “power the world”? Well, most are aware (and if you’re not, maybe you should be) that there are many places in the world without “clean energy”. By donating, we help bring power to those places — lighting homes and so on. Yes, we are competing to attend Summer Sonic (a long time dream of ours) and meet Linkin Park (um amazing), but we have also become a part of something wonderful. Of course I will be disappointed if we don’t win, but at least I can feel good about helping those in need! For more info check out www.urgencynetwork.com or click one of the links I have shared on facebook (the latter will help us out immensely)

As for a photo… I think it has to be my little sister and bff, Shea!

Shea ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Arigatou Shei-rin. Honto ni aishiteru yo ❤

Quotes of the day:
“Times are hard for dreamers” -Amelie

“Dream as if you will live forever and live as if you’ll die today” -ONE OK ROCK – Chaosmyth

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