I took these apple blossom photos a month ago — I just couldn’t resist. Normally our trees would be completely covered in them, but we didn’t get very many due to the weird extended winter we had and all the left over [tiny, berry-like] crab apples. This is less than half than the usual amount.

Blossom1 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Blossom2 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Blossom3 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Blossom4 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Blossom5 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Blossom6 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Blossom7 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

The last two pictures are of our normal crab apple tree. The blossoms look pretty much the same, but are slightly bigger.

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