A Walk in the Sun Part Four: Power Lines

First off — I’m so sorry that I keep missing photo Fridays lately! I guess I’ve been a bit more absent minded than usual :/ Yesterday I was engulfed in the magical worlds of Romeo + Juliet (Baz style) and Amelie. I’m a sucker for commentaries and other special features so I spent a big chunk of the day doing that and being a lazy blob.


Today is all about lines and angles. While on my walk in the sun, I found I was a bit more aware of what I was doing than usual. Almost as if I were shooting with film, where extra forethought comes in handy. The difference with digital is that there’s plenty of space to play with different angles. As a result, I have a lot of pictures of the same thing (a lot of power lines). But that’s ok, it’s easier to get the perfect shot this way (at least perfect for me).

Power Lines1 ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyIn the beginning I randomly snapped a picture of these power lines. The post was unpleasantly crooked, so I looked in my view finder again and lined it up with the edge. Voila — a better shot.

Power Lines2 ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyThe next time power lines caught my eye, I kept parallel edges in mind.

Power Lines3 ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyAnd diagonals.

Power Lines4 ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyEntanglement.

Power Lines5 ©Ashley Loseth PhotographyAnd back to parallels in the last few.

Power Lines6 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Power Lines7 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Power Lines8 ©Ashley Loseth Photography

Normally I would choose my favourite out of all the variations, but I chose all four angles this time to show what I’m talking about. Each time I picked a different power line and matched it to the edge as best I could. The last turned out to be my favourite.

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