Time Out

It seems like winter is never going to end here. It gets warm and melts for a few days and then more snow dumps on us. It’s supposed to be Spring! I normally don’t get like this over the weather, but I am completely drained. I can’t find inspiration anywhere or in anything, so I think I’m going to take a break for a couple of weeks. Back when I wrote [poetry] more often, I found that a break was the best way to fix writer’s block and I think the same goes for photography. As for all these other glum feelings… I don’t know, maybe I’ll get more vitamins and try to worry less.

Love is Louder Shoe by Ashley Løseth

Bye for now! Maybe I’ll have something new for you when I come back.


    • Ashley Løseth

      Thank you so much for commenting and following! Any kind if inspiration block is awful, I’m just waiting for the snow to finally melt, the flowers to bloom and a little motivation to come my way…

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