Self Portraits – Awkward

Taking self portraits is about as awkward as the word “awkward” itself. I do them now and then, because I don’t really trust others with cameras… I’m definitely more comfortable behind the camera than in front! For some reason I thought of the old days (you know, when msn messenger was popular and such) when self portraits were a much more frequent occurrence, and slightly less uncomfortable, so I’ve decided to share some of mine through the years. It could be interesting to see them together… I wonder if a pattern will emerge? To be honest, I’m a little nervous in a slightly shy way.

Self 16 "myspace face" ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyMost embarrassing “myspace face” joke picture… I think I was 16 here… :/

Self 16 "oh sixteen" ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyAlmost 17

Self 18 "monochrome" ©Ashley Løseth Photography

Self 18 "window" ©Ashley Løseth Photography18 – Summer of 2007. Taken while waiting for Melanie to change during our “Dance Dance to the 40’s Shoot” (I should post that someday)

Self 18 "pondering" ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyAlso 18. And that’s all I remember about this one.

Self "contrast" ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyExperimenting with a timer and tripod

Self "eyes" ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyJust my eyes…

Self "heart-shaped1" ©Ashley Løseth Photography

Self "heart-shaped2" ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyTest shots for Heart-Shaped Series (which I ended up including)

Self "deer in the headlights" ©Ashley Løseth PhotographyPerhaps you’ve noticed, but I lost track of my age at some point here…

Self 23 "red" ©Ashley Løseth Photography23 — back on track. I took this after realizing I didn’t have any recent pictures.

And there you have it. So far the patterns I see are contrast, eyes (particularly looking up), lip colour (mainly red) and I seem to have the same expression in the majority of them. I do have more goofy ones, but I am most embarrassed by them… I kind of like them at the same time, though.

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