Albi Update Two

As local readers may have noticed, it looks like January here in Saskatoon, so this update is very late seeing as robin’s fly south at the first (ish) sign of snow. I’ve been meaning to let everyone know that I have seen Albi a few times since she flew away, but never really had a good time to do so. Anyway…

The first time I saw her was during the first week of August, my family was off camping and I was home alone. It was a Saturday and I think I was doing the dishes… For some reason, I looked out the window and saw a female robin eating bugs at the bottom of a tree. Her colour had faded somewhat and she was clearly bigger, but I knew it was her. I went outside immediately and accidentally scared her a bit. She flew to another tree and stared at me so I called to her. She stared some more. I moved a bit closer and she moved to another tree. I called again. She stared a bit longer and then, as if saying goodbye or something, she swooped over my head and squawked as she left.

Of course any skeptics would think it wasn’t her because she didn’t look the same and she “flew away”… but anyone who knows robins, would know that behavior is totally uncharacteristic. First off, most robins hang out in groups and our usual visitors were elsewhere during the summer. Second, Albi would have been bigger and faded by that time, not a baby anymore. And lastly, regular robins would just plain fly away when being followed by a person. The robin I saw simply didn’t allow herself to be caught; which was actually a relief, because we all worried she’d be too used to people. We had a few similar visits after that, with a few weeks (give or take) in between. And last month when our usual robins returned, I’m convinced she was with them. I’m also convinced she’s with them now on their way south.

She never let anyone get close (though she did call back to my mom) and I never bothered trying to get a picture, so I’m afraid I don’t have anything new to show you. However, I thought I would let you all know that I decided (after a month or so of contemplation) to enter the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s annual photo contest with a picture of Albi. This is the one I chose (though I did crop it a tiny bit)

I really don’t think I’ll win, but I had to give it a shot!!

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