It is time for a serious flashback. Remember when I talked about the cameras I had to use in school?
(Click here to read that post) Well today’s post features a couple of pictures taken with one of them. Last night I was thinking of what I should show you today and for some reason these pictures — which I haven’t thought about in a very long time — immediately came to mind. This is an example of making the most of something that didn’t turn out how I pictured and, at the time, still liking the result. These photos now represent change and growth to me. There are still things I like about them, but there’s a lot more that I should have done differently. I suppose it all comes down to trial and error — learning more from my own ideas and mistakes, than any trick I could learn from a teacher (and I’ll be honest, my first photography teacher was only half-decent in my opinion). So here they are, two photos from my first ever shoot with Melanie Schultz and Kassandra Colton.

The quality is extra bad, because the files were crunched in an email all those years ago and now they are the only copies I have 😦

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