Albi the Baby Robin Part One

On July 1st (Canada Day), my aunt saw a little robin running across the street and brought it in to my mom to be saved. Everyone who knows my mom, knows that she is the go-to person for almost anything that needs saving — from plants to animals and probably more. She has rescued more than one nest full of baby sparrows and even an injured pigeon, but never a robin. Robins are carnivorous and don’t eat any seeds whatsoever, which makes it rather difficult to find it food. I did a bit of research and found that you can feed them eggs, berries and wet cat/dog food; so there was that problem solved (sort of). At first she had to live in a little shoe box (this is where the name Albi came from… because it was very dark and very scary… click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about), then an old aquarium with holes in the lid (not cool) and finally a good bird cage. Now she is living in our back yard, finding some of her own food and flying around. There are still a few problems (ie: she has imprinted on my mom, developed a taste for stringy chicken cat food and likes running around better than flying/sitting in trees), but she seems to be more independent every day ^-^ Anyway, here are a few pictures from her first week with my mom.

July 2nd

July 4th

July 10th

Isn’t she cute?


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