Ok, So I Like Reminiscing…

You may have noticed that I am often struck by nostalgia and that there is usually a photo or two to go with… Well today I thought of something from quite a few years ago. Before Facebook completely took over souls, I used to frequent Myspace and find a lot of bands I would have never heard of otherwise. I still remember getting the friend request from The Guest Room, hearing their music for the first time and enthusiastically thanking them for finding me. Eventually the song “Sing to Me” came about and one of the members asked for people to send in photos for a video he was going to put together (saying “sing to me” and a person or people you have lost). Naturally, I wanted to participate (perhaps this was because loss seemed to be a growing theme in my life). I told Melanie and she liked the idea as well, so we teamed up and this was the result…

Time went by and I wondered if the video was finished, but I was unaware that one of The Guest Room’s Ryans (and the same band member asking for photos) had left the band and started up Sam the Boy, taking his song with him. That is, until I got a message from him with a link to the video. As usual, I wish we had done a few things differently with the photos (like taking them horizontally, for example) but overall I am happy with them.

And finally, here is the video…


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