I’ve been thinking I should practice using a film SLR a bit (I’m talking ancient). Ever since my dad first got a digital camera, his beautiful Konica T3 has been packed away in it’s case, which I think is sad. I’ve used it once (maybe twice) in my life and it was so long ago that I barely remember the experience.  I love many types of film cameras, but nothing beats the gentle effect you can get from a classic SLR (well ok, I bet a nice Rolleiflex twin lens reflex could — owning one is another dream of mine).

This is my dad’s Konica…

He purchased it in the 70’s for around $300. It was nice and cheap, because it was a floor model. He really wanted a black one — but they were only painted. If you see a black antique these days, it will most likely be scratched. If not, the owner either barely used it or had it repainted.

These are a couple of my favourite pictures taken with the Konica…

Do you see what I mean by gentle effect? I have yet to get out and really experiment with it myself, but I can’t wait to see what I can do!

I also have an Agfa Color that I found at an antique show around 5 years ago.

It’s a stunning camera, but so far the same can’t be said about the photos it takes. For example…

The one and only downside to my Agfa is the fact that it doesn’t have a button, it has something more like a lever in the front and it is nearly impossible to take a picture without camera shake. Even when I used my tripod, I felt it move a bit. And unfortunately, a bit is all it takes. I’m sure a more patient and/or experienced film photographer could do it, but I have yet to make it work. Not that I won’t continue trying.. it’s far too sad to let it sit in a case all the time!

Now if only I had a Rollei and Holga, my dream collection would be complete…. (actually I’d probably discover another type of antique to drool over)

Rollei photo courtesy of Lagged2Death

Holga photo courtesy of

*Konica T3 and Agfa Color photos by Ashley Løseth Photography.
Konica T3 camping images by Joe Løseth


  1. Ricardo Vilela

    So what You expect for handled your dad camera and start shooting around there?
    There’s nothing better than shoot with an vintage SLR. Just try it. 🙂

    • Ashley Løseth

      I was getting a feel for it earlier and took a few photos without realizing there was still film in the camera. So I’m excited to see how they turn out. I plan on taking it on a photo excursion as soon as I can 🙂

  2. Jim

    Film is fun. And because every shot costs, in terms of film and processing, it makes you slow down and think more before you press the button!

    • Ashley Løseth

      That’s actually why I want to try it, I think I need a change of pace. And also to regain my knowledge of camera settings that digital seems to obliterate.

  3. pixelogist

    film is the comment above says, it really makes u think.. and i find thats made me a better photographer.. i think much more even when i shoot digital. result: better pictures

    the holga has a little lever on the side too, to release the shutter… no button. it shouldnt really cause too much shake.. just watch how steady you hold your camera, and maybe google for a few techniques on holding the camera/breathing right etc.. can make a big difference! keep on using these, theyre fantastic!

    • Ashley Løseth

      Thanks for the advice 🙂 I’ve heard that the lever on a holga is less difficult, so it doesn’t worry me as much really. Maybe because it’s plastic? But as I said, I will definitely keep trying with the agfa

      • pixelogist

        ah yes, maybe… my older cameras that arent plastic have shutter buttons.. maybe the agfa really is that much harder! haha. keep at it! 😀

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