A coworker and fellow photographer by the name of Shelby Fitzgerald (sfotography) recently brought picmonkey.com to my attention and I am very glad she did! I finally got the chance to test it out yesterday and see what it’s all about. I must say, it is much easier to figure out than Photoshop and in some ways, much more convenient. I do have a soft spot for Photoshop and do not intend to replace it completely, but I have a feeling PicMonkey will be a bit of a life-changer. My favourite thing about the site is how straight forward it all is, simplicity is really nice when it comes to photo editing. Second would have to be the variety of effects. I have wanted a Holga or toy camera like it for a while, but have yet to get one. It actually has Holga and Lomo effects so you can sort of fake the look. There’s also a cross process effect that I have taken a liking to — if you pair it with a vignette it actually looks like a shot taken with a Holga fixed with a colour filter. This is the best shot I monkeyed with last night…

The only real downside to PicMonkey is that the premium features won’t be free for long. Any feature you see with a crown on it will put a monkey on your picture. To get rid of the monkey you can download a Royale free trial and I guess if you like it, you’ll keep it and pay when the trial is over. Personally, I think I’ll stick with Photoshop for that sort of stuff. I already have it, love it, and know it like the back of my hand.

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