A Different Kind of Green

St. Patrick’s Day is probably my 3rd favourite holiday (after Christmas and Halloween, of course) and the reason has nothing to do with green beer and stereotypes. When I think St. Patrick’s Day; I think of making messy crafts in my early years of elementary school (yay art!), a lot of green (my favourite colour), and a life-long desire to be a little more Irish (I love being Norwegian and I wouldn’t mind being Japanese, but if I were Irish I’d have an awesome accent). So.. because I sort of love today, I wanted to post something fairly green. I could post plant pictures, but I’m not going to. I knew I had to post something to do with Shea and this picture kept popping into my head.

I don’t quite know what it is about this photo, but I just love it. It was actually an accident. And to me, a happy one. I suppose you can consider this a bit of a preview for My Little Sister Part Two! (click here to see part one)
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Suddenly I feel like watching “Leap Year”…

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