My Little Sister

My sister is only one year, six months and two days younger than me, but she’s my only younger sibling so she will always be referred to as “my little sister” despite the fact that she is not so little anymore. The two of us were raised more like twins — we shared a room most of our lives and received matching everything from everyone — but I’ve always felt very protective of her. Shea is the sister I am most fond of (sorry to my other three sisters…) and the most like me when it comes down to our interests and insecurities. For as long as I can remember I have been trying to get Shea to model for me, but she always refused (not counting her grad pictures and such). That is, until recently when she tried to prove that her necklace doesn’t fit over her head when tied and wound up inspiring this shoot. She’s a hard one to convince, but I managed it and this was the outcome…

This last shot is my favourite! She thinks the look in her eyes is creepy, but I completely disagree. In fact her eyes are what make this one so great. Also the necklace was like this when she sparked the idea. ^-^

There are many more of these to come, so keep your eyes peeled! More of my favourites will be in the next batch. But until then you can see a little more of her over on the portraits page. Also there most likely won’t be a post next Friday, as I will be out of town. See you in a couple of weeks!


  1. Melanie

    Very beautiful! You are just going to have to accept this fact Shea, that people see you in a different light and that you are very beautiful. I remember the grad photos Ashley, they were stunning! Well done!

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