The other day my friend Sarah and I went on a bit of an adventure in the prairies, which was a mixture of all sorts of things. Scary.. cold.. windy.. and so much fun!!! First off, I hadn’t thought much beyond “I want to take some prairie pictures” so we had to find a good spot. We turned down a random road which led us to a somewhat creepy dirt road. It had an eeriness to it, but I thought it was pretty. So we got out of the car and began walking…

I suppose it would make more sense to call it a sand road instead of dirt.

We found some creepy stuff that I didn’t take pictures of, but I’m sure this look of terror had something to do with it.

Is it just me, or do “no trespassing” signs make people want to trespass all the more? Not that we did.

So that was our adventure! After that we went for some much-needed hot chocolate — and it was delicious!

I will be posting the rest of these on Facebook soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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