Remember these boys? I took these photos near the end of summer, mainly for my mom because she wouldn’t be babysitting them anymore. I left them so long, because I wasn’t sure which ones to pick or whether or not I should edit them. Today I finally came to a decision — I picked whichever ones I wanted to, without worrying about doing too many and I didn’t retouch them, because I think they have more impact with the scratches that boys seem to always have. Besides, the messy boyness goes so well with the wacky faces!

These pictures remind me of why I thought boys were yucky when I was little and also why they made me laugh.

What do you think?


  1. Kyle

    男の子がかわいいですねえ。(Otoko no ko ga kawaii desu nee.)
    Great photos of the boys! They really capture “boyness” to me.

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