Lest We Forget

At first I thought I wouldn’t post today, since it is Remembrance Day here in Canada, but then I remembered this cover I did a few years ago. It was for a book of letters my mom and aunt were putting together for all their siblings. The letters were written by my grandfather to my grandmother during WWII and, as my mother says, they show a side of him no one knew existed. Each page contains an actual scan of the letter and a picture or two that go along with them, so you can imagine it took quite a while to finish. The day I took this picture, I had no idea I would be doing it. Basically, I was recruited because I had taken photography in school and might have some ideas for a good cover. Everyone was on the same page about how it should be done: pile the letters on a table with some of the pictures. My aunt and mom had come up with the title “Letters Home” and the font they wanted it in, so I followed instructions and this is what was left…

At the top is my grandparents' wedding photo and near the bottom is my grandpa.

Looking back, there are things I would have done differently. For example, I would have turned off the lamp that didn’t fit in the picture anyway (you can see a part of it in the top left corner) as it completely washed out that one photo near the top. But don’t get me wrong, I am still proud of the end result. Although it was a lot of work and the book is extremely thick, putting all of the letters and photos into a book so everyone could have copies was a really good idea. Maybe if you have letters like these and a lot of time on your hands, you could try doing the same?


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