Love is Louder Turns One! Part Two

Okay so this is a bit late, but these are the photos I took on September 30th to celebrate Love is Louder‘s first anniversary and help spread the word.

I was surprised at how fast that permanent marker wore off.

My brother let me write on his shoe with white out. It was pretty hard, but it looks good to me!

This wall separates our living room and hallway, but there's no gyprock on one side so people sometimes write on it. So I wrote this.

After the writing on my hand wore off, I had my sister figure out the Japanese. Then I made her write Love is Louder on my right and take this picture. Thanks Shea-Rin!

If Love is Louder made its way to Japan, they would probably use the English, but I wanted to know what the Japanese would be anyway.

I had also planned on putting some of my old pictures on bulletin boards in the city, but I only made it to one place that day. I’ll do it one day 🙂


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