Mister Lonely

Three years ago I borrowed my dad’s camera and wandered the alleys of my neighbourhood. It all started when I saw a yellow chair sitting under a tree by my house, I knew immediately that it would look lovely in a photograph. Then I saw Eddie (a plaid chair) and I had decided on my mission. He was sitting behind the fence of my elementary school, looking lonely and unwanted. When I embarked on my photo journey, I noticed Eddie was no longer behind the fence, so I sadly moved on. I found a white chair sporting a rusted tire rim, took a few pictures and headed back toward the school. I decided to venture down the alley I had seen Eddie in before and came across a green lawn chair lying face-down next to a garbage bin. It looked disturbing to me, so I took a picture and continued on my way. I looked to my left and saw that Eddie had been moved to the other side of the alley, lounging in the shade. I was so excited that nothing else mattered, but I stuck to the alleys all the way home and I found a dismembered toilet, a washing machine and a very lonesome garbage bench. I’ve been meaning to add this lonesome group to the Series page for a while now, but I finally got around to it last night. Here is a little preview, to see the rest just click ‘Series’ at the top of the page and scroll down to Mister Lonely 🙂

The yellow chair that started it all.
The white chair. I think if it had a name it would be Murphy.
Jane Doe.
This is Eddie. He sits in the same spot today.

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