Every now and then I like to draw or paint, though I don’t get the urge often. The other day I chose to draw one of my favourite actors, Shota Matsuda (or Matsuda Shota). I think he has an amazing look about him and I found myself wishing I could take his picture (not in a fangirly way) and since I can’t do that, I set out on a mission to find a good picture of him to draw. It was an extremely difficult search, but I eventually settled on a picture I thought would be easy enough (my confidence was a little low, since I hadn’t drawn in a very long time). What I wanted to capture most was the look he always seems to have in his eyes (it is seriously intense), which was actually a terrifying ambition, considering my confidence issue. Anyway this is my portrait of Shota Matsuda 🙂 It looks more like him upside down, though. Perhaps I should start drawing upside down?

February 18, 2011

He really is awesome, and also the king of awkward poses (what I mean by that is that he can pull off the strangest looking poses when he models for magazines and such– Another reason why I want to take his photo!) Some of Shota’s dramas include; Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers), Liar Game, Love Shuffle and Tsuki no Koibito (Moon Lovers). Check them out!


  1. erbi_my

    Oh, I think I love your drawing. However, about the Shota’s lips in this. they’re a little big more than Shota’s ones ( He has cute and small lips 😡 )

  2. Ashley Løseth

    Hmm.. that’s probably why it looks more like him upside down. I did check it by putting the picture I was drawing from behind, but it was hard to see. His lips are surprisingly hard to draw!

  3. erbi_my

    Ha..hah.. Don’t worry. You have done a great work, I can not draw like you. Shota is to hard to draw, every point on his face is so unique and charming, especially his lips. He’s a unique specimen :X

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