I first heard of Koizora almost a month ago, because I was curious about a Japanese actor named Haruma Miura (who I had seen in a documentary called HT:NY and later, in the show Bloody Monday). I had also heard that Aoi Nakamura (Saku in BECK) played Haruma’s best friend Nozomu and I was very anxious to see just how talented he is. I didn’t know much about the story before I watched the movie, just that it is sad and based on a true story. And so Shea and I watched Koizora (which, in case you were wondering, means love-sky or sky of love) and by the time it was over, I felt sick. To me, feeling sick while watching a sad movie is a good sign, it means the actors are doing their job! I became more and more intrigued, so I googled. I discovered that Koizora is based on a novel written in 2005 by a girl named Mika (the main character) about her relationship with a boy named Hiro. It was originally posted in chapters on the cell phone website, Maho no iLand with the title Koizora: Setsunai Koi Monogatari (Love Sky: A Sad Love Story). It became so popular that it was published in two volumes in 2006, made into a movie in 2007, a six episode mini-series in 2008, and a manga which ran from 2007 to 2009. At this point, I have only seen the film, but I am very interested in reading the novel. Hopefully it has been/will be translated!

The film stars Yui Aragaki as Mika and of course, Haruma Miura as Hiro and they did an amazing job! Even if you’re not into chick flicks, you should watch this movie! Seriously!!

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