Skating Season

Ok so I’m not a big sports fan, in fact I’m not even a little one, but I love men’s figure skating. I grew up loving pairs and dance, but I haven’t been blown away by many couples lately. During the 2010 Olympics last winter, a skater named Florent Amodio caught my eye. Unfortunately for him, he was cursed with bad placement (everyone knows that if you are one of the first to skate, you have zero hope of winning, let alone placing) so he didn’t get very far. I told myself not to forget his name and to keep an eye out for him in the future. I somehow managed to miss the NHK Trophy, in which he placed 3rd after America’s Jeremy Abbott (2nd) and Japan’s Daisuke Takahashi (1st). Here is a video of his short program.

Last Saturday, I was pleased to see that Florent was competing at Trophee Eric Bompard in his home country of France, where he placed 2nd after Japan’s Takahiko Kozuka. He scored 75.62 after his short on Friday and 153.76 for his free skate (seasons best) giving him an overall score of 229.38. Yay 🙂 Below you can watch his free skate from Sat. November 27.

These are my other favourites..

Daisuke Takahashi 🙂 (There’s a reason why he wins so often!)

Nobunari Oda (who totally looks like Harima from School Rumble. All he needs is some shades, a leather jacket, a red beret or hair band and a motor cycle) Nobunari just had a baby, so congrats to him! 🙂

Takahiko Kozuka (since I’m going on about who they look like.. Takahiko looks like my cousin only Japanese. I’m talking EXACT. Like twins separated by nationalities.)

For the record, I don’t love these guys because they are Japanese, they just happen to be the best.

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