Nat King Cole

The other day, one of the boys my mom babysits decided he wanted to listen to a tape (which he called a cd) in one of those old Fisher Price players with the microphones. The random Barbie tape that was already in it wasn’t working out for him, so my mom busted out a tape collection I didn’t even know existed that belonged to my grandma. In it was an interesting mixture of music that wasn’t very appealing to him, except for a little black tape labeled “Nat King Cole”. He obviously had no idea who Nat King Cole was, but he wanted to give it a shot. So we popped the tape in and to my surprise, he liked it! So for the past few days he’s been grooving out to this ancient tape (and when I say grooving, I really mean it, this kid could groove with the best of them.) I never expected to see a six year old, who is all about “rock and roll”, get so into old fashioned big band/jazz! In a flash this kid has solved my Christmas music dilemma, you see, I have been trying to find Christmas music that the kids will go for. Children’s music is too annoying to them and (sorry, Mom) Clay Aiken just isn’t cutting it. So I am currently working on a Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald mix for my mom to play. This is going to be great!

If you like jazz, maybe you should check out Nat King Cole. I am more of an Ella fan, but he is still pretty awesome.

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