The Pillars of the Earth

I’ve never read the book by Ken Follett, but I did watch the miniseries on Movie Central and I am in love! Especially with Eddie Redmayne (Jack Jackson), but not in the giggly girl way you might think. He is just so talented I can’t get over it (and I am now extra eager to see Glorious 39). I think I was so engrossed in the show because I’ve never touched the book and I could not wait for the next episode. To be honest I expected it to be somewhat of a let-down on a count of all the hype, but I found the story fascinating. It is also a little bit disturbing, which in this case is a good thing. I was also skeptical that Rufus Sewell (Tom Builder) would be a decent good-guy (I think he plays villains much better) but I was wrong this time, he did a very good job as the tool-wielding Builder. David Oakes (William Hamleigh) was spectacularly creepy as the violent, misguided, son-of-a-murderous-cow Earl of Shiring. I kept thinking of him as the red-headed evil twin of Bret McKenzie which made the awful-doing a little on the funny side for me, at least in the beginning. I suppose I should mention Canadian Alison Pill (Maud) as well and say kudos for doing a decent English accent. I do so love accents. Everyone else was awesome as well, check it out if you haven’t yet!

I’ll let you know how I like the book once I get around to reading it!


  1. Carmen

    I read Pillars of the Earth last Summer thanks for spreading the news about the mini series! I kept thinking while watching it that it should be made into a movie!

  2. Ashley Løseth

    No problem! I’ve heard that a lot of people think its better as a mini series than a movie because less is left out this way. And although I’ve never read the book, I have seen how thick it is so I would probably agree. I hate when books are totally changed to fit in a 2 hour movie!

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