Spaghetti Sauce

A while back my dad bought Ragu, because he couldn’t remember “what people eat around here” and it was awful (the first ingredient is water… um what?). So the last time I had a craving for spaghetti and remembered that all we had for sauce was the dreaded Ragu, I decided to spruce it up a bit. I poured some sauce into a small pot and turned the burner on medium-low. Then I opened the fridge, grabbed the parmesan cheese and sprinkled some in the pot. And by some, I actually mean a lot. Next, I opened up a cabinet I thought might have basil in it and found oregano and thyme instead. Of course I had to use them. I sprinkled in a hefty (that’s right) dose of oregano and a little bit of thyme. If anyone ever tells you these two don’t go together, they are either lying or ignorant of its awesomeness. I stirred it around for a second or two and let it simmer. By this time I was really wishing I had some spinach handy, but I didn’t so my sauce would have to go without. Finally, I turned the burner off and scooped the sauce onto my plate of spaghetti. It tasted infinitely better, but it was still concocted from Ragu, so the water ran all over my plate and ruined my garlic toast.

The moral of the story is this; if you have bland sauce sitting in your fridge, follow your gut, be a little crazy, add a little spinach. Just throw in whatever you like and you just might enjoy it!


  1. Shirley Berge

    I agree about oregano and thyme, my 2 favorite herbs. I always put them in my spaghetti sauce. And in my meatloaf…and in my stew…..

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