And by that I mean wow, amazing, not World of Warcraft. Sorry. I am wowed because Tyler Shields (one of the most interesting people on the planet!!) has come up with a new series called Love is Forever, about one man and the women he has loved in his life, which he released yesterday on his website. In it are Colton Haynes, Alessandra Torresani, Leven Rambin, Haley Ramm, Ally Maki and Electra Avellan. A few of the photos are a bit racy, but I think you can handle it. I swear its worth checking out!

My favourite thing about this series is the video. Something about Colton Haynes feels familiar to me somehow. Almost like I knew him once, though I obviously didn’t. Maybe I knew someone like him. Its sad, and absolutely stunning. I felt sick in a good way after watching it and I hope you will too!

Once again, you can bare witness to his genius on his website, or YouTube channel. Check it out!

Love is Forever by Tyler Shields

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