Candle Lake Two

I think I overestimated how wonderful camping is. Its kind of like a movie you loved as a kid, so you watch it again and its so bad it ruins your past. Now that everyone is older, the little things are completely overlooked and I must say I am extremely annoyed by it. Am I the only sentimental person on the planet??

Also I promised to take thousands of pictures, and I didn’t live up to it. Bickering kind of kills the flow of inspiration. But on my last day there, I got a few decent ones on the dock.

Jason "Igg" Løseth

Cory, Igg and Dylan



  1. Roger Loseth

    Nice photo’s I’m a little bummed out you didn’t take more.We camped at Candle lk when I was a kid too.I remember loseing a red and yellow “five of diamonds” in the weeds at the mouth of the creek.

  2. ashleyloseth

    Thanks! There were a few moments when I wanted to take pictures, but couldn’t because I was in a moving vehicle and window pictures never work out. In my opinion, anyway.

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