Candle Lake

Tomorrow morning I will be heading for Candle Lake, SK! I haven’t been there in.. 6 years? I’m not quite sure, but I am very excited! I will be taking thousands of pictures, so hopefully I wind up with one or two good ones to post. I have so many good memories of camping, fishing, feeding squirrels and posing in the shape of a number with my siblings to keep track of the year. And now, because I’m feeling nostalgic, how about some pictures from the past?

Top Left: Me in my fishing gear. Top right: My little sister, Shea and the squirrel that ate the thunder. Bottom: Me and the squirrel that ate the thunder.

If you are wondering why I have such a strange name for the squirrel, its because it often storms when we’re camping at Candle and we would have to hide in our old Toyota banana van. One day the thunder was particularly loud and my sister Shea worried about the animals who didn’t have a banana van to hide in. Out of the blue, the thunder stopped and the squirrel appeared on his peanut stump. Shea decided that the only possible explanation was that the squirrel ate the thunder. I don’t know for sure that it was this same squirrel, but our ages seem right to me, so that is what I call him.

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