Pictures have always fascinated me, in their many forms. My siblings showed great potential with drawing and painting, but I was a few steps behind. So when I first picked up my mom’s camera at a wedding and began snapping pictures, I immediately fell in love. I wasn’t very good at it (almost everyone was missing their heads) but I didn’t care. I figured out that if you hold the camera just a little higher than what looks good in the view finder, you won’t chop any heads off. As a result, everyone wound up at the bottom. Eventually I got better, but still not great. Then the digital camera became the new big thing and my love only grew stronger. While I did (and still do) enjoy film, digital allowed me to see what I was doing wrong right away so I could fix it before the next shot.  I had to wait until grade 11 to take a photography class, where I discovered I had a flare for portraits and landscapes. I never imagined I could become good enough to make a living off of it, but near the end of my grade 12 class, we were given a body parts assignment. I took the photos in the theatre foyer at school, with only the sun for lighting and a couple friends who had time to spare as my models. That day, I took one of my favourite photos. The assignment was my catalyst.

This is Veronica


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